CB App Privacy Policy

Messages sent to the CB app servers and all associated metadata for purposes of broadcast to other users are automatically removed from servers after three days by default.

The only exception to this rule is if a message is flagged for abuse, in which case it is stored for an additional three days to allow review. If legal action is required, e.g. in the case of credible threats, the message and associated metadata may be stored for a longer period pending legal action. If legal action is not required, the messages and associated metadata will be auto-deleted from servers.

"Messages and associated metadata" includes the audio of a recorded message, text transcripts of a recorded message if transcription has been enabled by the user, location data if location has been enabled by the user, IP address data, and time stamps, along with a serial number associated with that user's account.

Location information, even for users who opt into this feature, is sent to the server, but it is NEVER sent out to other users without being randomized. Your position on the map will be changed for other users such that it will appear to move about within an approximately 100 square mile grid in your area.

Per GDPR, all records stored in the CB App servers for a given user can be removed at the user's request via email to TheCBApp@yahoo.com. In an upcoming version of the app, account deletion will be an in-app option invoked via a button-press interface interaction.

Some profile data for users--including block status and preferred handles set by a given user for other users with whom they interact, as well as transcript analytics if broadcast transcriptions are enabled--are stored in iCloud rather than CB App Servers. These items can be deleted at any time by the user from their iOS device's iCloud Storage menu.